"Killarney's Heartland" is my girl dream at the gates of Hamburg surrounded by green and immersed in the tranquility on the outskirts of the village Ellerhoop in the district Pinneberg.

What began in the year 2000 with finding a place, where I could live with my family and horse steadily developed and is now "Killarney's Heartland".

During the quest for the perfect show dog, we draw our attention – with the help of our Show Trainer -  to the “Pharaoh Hound”. The breed has a beautiful and classy appearance combined with long legs which fits perfectly with my daughter Johanna. We had to search in foreign countries for that particular dog due to the fact, that there is currently no breeder in Germany.

I fulfilled my dream of a Rhodesian Ridgeback in July 2010, when the bitch „Faizah Killarney tom Etthewide“ from the kennel „tom Etthewide“ moved in with us.

On the 16th of March 2013, Killarney fulfilled my next great dream – our A-litter was born and 11 little miracles saw the light of day.

When your leisure- or competition horse becomes older or has to retire due to health reasons, most of the riding facilities are not able to meet your horses’ needs and are usually too expensive to maintain for a charity horse. We offer your horse the possibility to be a “real” horse and to find its new home in an almost ethnically living herd. 

As well known, to let the cattle graze after the horses is the best addition to an optimal pasture care next to the manure removal. But I wanted something special…

I heard from an lessee about the “Zwerg-Zebus”, which are very frugal and are able to live outside throughout the whole year.

Special animals… special species on Heartland… In May 20012, we received a visit from our friend on Heartland, who brought a friend to show her the Zebus. Her girl dream were "Aylesbury ducks", which she had fulfilled a few years ago. She was raving about these unbelievably charismatic ducklings for the whole Sunday.