About us


"Killarney's Heartland" is my girl dream at the gates of Hamburg surrounded by green and immersed in the tranquility on the outskirts of the village Ellerhoop in the district Pinneberg.

What began in the year 2000 with finding a place, where I could live with my family and horse steadily developed and is now "Killarney's Heartland".

In the meantime, senior horses enjoy their sunset years in “assisted living” on our pasture land and in our stables and our “Zwerg-Zebus” serve as pasture care and proliferate in our hobby breeding. My dream for a dog came true in 2002 with our Labrador "Balou", who got company by the Rhodesian Ridgeback bitch "Faizah Killarney tom Etthewide" in 2010.

"Killarney's Heartland" are my two children Johanna and Benedikt, the dogs Merly, Turner, Rose and Queenie, the cats Leni and Lisa, the guinea pigs Krümel, Lilo and Ophelia, the senior horses, the goat Glöckchen and her friends, the Zwerg-Zebus, the cocks Fabulous Rocky and Jean-Claude with their entourage and me, Julia Sieger.

"Killarney" sets the foundation for our Ridgeback breeding as a representative of my desired dog race Rhodesian Ridgeback and is therefore the eponym of our FCI patented kennel.

I would like to warmly welcome you to our homepage and wish you a lot of fun while rummaging.