Faizah Killarney


Faizah Killarney tom Etthewide was born on the 21st of May 2010 in the litter-F of the family Hohl in the Kennel „tom Etthewide“ in Scheeßel. She is the daughter of the successful male dog Abuya-Balou v.h. Masjesfles and the beautiful bitch Bashira tom Etthewide, who has fascinated be so much during my first visit. 

"Faizah"  is Swahili and means “victorious”.

Killarney, how she is called here, is one out of 5 bitches and three male dogs, which saw the light of day. She is an elegant, very calm and brave, red- wheat colored bitch, who accompanies me in my everyday life and is always a gladly seen guest with her calm and friendly manner. She is very kind with humans and children, other dogs and all other small animals.

At the age of 3 weeks I promised the breeders, that if we could take this puppy, we would take her to shows once to twice a year. And so we visited this puppy once a week from the 4th life week, even though it is usually not common to know, which puppy it is going to be until the 6th week :-) You can find out what happened to the shows under “news”.

At the age of 10 months, she moved into our home and has made our life more colorful from this moment with her Ridgeback manner, which was earlier only known from books…